A community of students & scholars working together in the pursuit of
Wisdom founded on Virtue in the light of the Truth.  

Collegium Hall is an independent, self-governed scholarly society which provides individual mentoring and community life to undergraduate and graduate students in the Twin Cities, MN.  Our mission is to cultivate intellectual excellence and human flourishing by integrating university studies and character development.

Embracing the cultural and intellectual heritage of the Catholic Church throughout the ages, Collegium Hall is committed to helping young men and women live their universal vocation to holiness as students and scholars by providing an environment conducive to the moral and intellectual virtue of its members.  Membership is open to men and women of good will from any religious background who respect the Catholic values and practices to which Collegium Hall is committed and seeks to foster.

What is Collegium Hall?

A Home Away from Home…  We are a scholarly community where University students can find a home away from home, providing an environment where students can live and study in the context of a vibrant community of individuals dedicated to seeking the Truth.

An Academic Community… While we do help coordinate living arrangements for our student members, Collegium Hall provides much more than a place to live. It’s an academic community where you get to sharpen your thinking, deepen your character, take part in a rich cultural tradition, and build relationships that can last a lifetime. Collegium Hall provides academic and personal support, and also the opportunity to meet and work with a number of established scholars in an informal and out-of-the-classroom environment.

Personalized Support… A key component to the academic and personal development of a student at Collegium Hall is the unique opportunity that Collegium Hall provides to work directly with one of the Collegium Hall Fellows who serves as your personal Tutor.  These weekly sessions in which students meet in groups of two or three with their personal Tutor are called “Supervisions.”  Supervisions last about an hour and take place about every week or so throughout the semester, depending on what you and your Tutor agree upon. In these sessions, the Tutor will assist you in integrating the divers topics of your academic curriculum, help you hone your academic skills, and allow you the opportunity to delve deeper into any particular scholarly subject or idea that you are interested in.

Learn more about our history and what we believe on our About Collegium Hall page.


Becoming a member of Collegium Hall has many benefits: academic, moral, economic, and relational.  Find out more by visiting our Membership Page.

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